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* Choose the Comm+D FALL 2019 schedule. OR: If you're an ILE student, choose the ILE schedule.

-> REQUIRED: Click on the "LIMIT TO" menu, top center of the schedule page. Choose your project type.   If you do not choose a project type, we may have to reschedule your appointment!

* ILE:  Choose ILE Schedule to make appointments with ILE TAs.

* DESIGN: We now can work with Visual Design, Interface/Web Design, Data Visualization, and other projects requiring effective design--including PowerPoint slides, Resumes, and game documents.

* GRADUATE STUDENTS: Choose a "GRAD" project.

* Click on any white space to schedule an appointment. You may reserve up to two 30-minute appointments per day.

CAN’T FIND AN APPOINTMENT?  Click on "Waiting List" at the bottom of each day's schedule to enter your name on the WAITING LIST for that day.


* Sign in with RCS credentials and Register for an account. 

* LOOK TO THE LEFT, directly under your password on THIS PAGE, or at the top of each schedule page.  Choose the Presentation Room schedule for FALL 2019. [To use the inset screen in the room, cords and remotes can be checked out at the library desk on the Main Floor.]

* To reserve the Presentation Room AND a staff person who can give you feedback, choose the FALL 2019 schedule and make an appointment with a person for the same time

* Problems? Please email Dr. Barbara Lewis:



1.  At the TOP of the schedule, click on theLIMIT TOdrop-down menu (see above). Choose the kind of appointment you need. GRADUATE STUDENTS, be sure to choose a “GRAD” appointment

2.  Click on a white box on the schedule grid (an open appointment) at the time you want, which will bring you to a short Appointment Form.

3.  On the Appointment Form: To set how long you want to meet, choose 30 minutes or change the time on the appointment form to meet for 1 hour. 

4. Tell us about what you’re working on, and submit the form. You’ll get a reminder email to confirm your appointment.



You'll receive an email asking you to evaluate your CCP experience. PLEASE help us learn what we're doing well and how we could improve!  Answer the very brief survey by clicking on the link in the email. Thank you!

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